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Relaxation for Younger Children (ages 4-6)

5 Guided Meditations for Calming and Soothing

  • 'It's Going to be a Good Day' - Starting the day with some kind words
  • 'Cuddle with Your Cuddly' - Relax with their favourite cuddly toy
  • 'An Adventure in the Snow' - Bringing sparkles of light into the body
  • 'Your Amazing Body' - Breathing and being aware of their body
  • 'Sleepy Time Adventures' - A castle adventure story for a good night's sleep

What People Are Saying:

That was lovely! Your voice is even more soothing and gentle than usual (appropriate for children of course). This is the first meditation that I’ve tried with my son. He’s such a fidget but he did slow down for a bit. Thank you. We will endeavour to do it more regularly.